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Latest News!

We are delighted to announce that Linda Vaughn, Miss Hurst Golden Shifter joined us at

Booth-Arons Open House

as Grand Marshall for Berkley CruiseFest on Friday, August 14 and Saturday, August 15, 2009.

Welcome to Motown Motorsports

This website is dedicated to the memory of the grass roots of drag racing and, in particular, to those good friends that have left us with only the great memories of how they touched our lives and our sport. Specifically, we want to pay tribute to those in the Detroit area, without whose inspiration we would not embark on this venture. We especially want to mention and tribute Larry Payne and Poncho Rendon, both of whom were pioneers in drag racing and long time supporters of our sport.

In addition, we want to give our thanks to the living legends that have been kind enough to share their stories, knowledge, expertise, talent and support for many years. These wonderful friends include Al “Motown Shaker” Bergler, whose incredible talent, and wonderful creations inspired the building of the Motown Mafia N/TF car, Wally Booth and Richard Arons, of the famed Booth and Arons AMC Hornets and Chevrolet Super Stock Cars, and Wayne Brooks of JE and now RaceTec Piston fame.

We have also been honored to have such good friends as Butch “California Flash” Leal, Tony Christian, Bruce Allen, Dave Crower, Hank Manley, Steve Faria, Jerry Darien, and four-time world champion Gary Scelzi. We want to especially mention the longtime hometown, and home grown friends of the Kalitta racing team, particularly Connie “The Bounty Hunter” Kalitta and Jim Becker of team Kalitta. All of these men are not only stellar racers but have always extended a helping hand and have been an inspiration of achievement and professionalism.

Clearly, the roots of drag racing in the Detroit Michigan area are storied and with unprecedented success. Whether it is street racing on North Woodward Avenue or a pass down Telegraph road, some of the best and most notable racers have come from and continue to come from the Greater Detroit area. We have no doubt that “The Dust and the Glory” of Ford Racing, GM Performance Parts, and Mopar Performance will continue to power the American Automakers and drive these three legendary racing marquees back to their deserved position of prominence as the world’s automakers and the home of the fastest and quickest cars in the world.