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lindaLinda Vaughn

You know in every 30’s and 40’s Gangster picture there was a gorgeous woman with a heart of Gold – In the case of the Motown Mafia it is the Golden Shifter Girl with the Golden Heart – with looks only overshadowed by a heart and personality to match, Linda Vaughn is the muse of the Motown Mafia team. If you want one person to give a bunch of gray beards inspiration, this is the one person you need. Having inspired racers for the past 3 decades, this is the teams dream girl and this daughter of Zeus provides tons of inspiration and support. The only thing that makes the car look better, is a shot of the car with Linda next to it. An avid race fan, and an awesome shoe in her own right, this female member of the Bonneville 200 M.P.H. club, is “Il Dorato Musa”.


samSam Eidy

Sam “The Lawman” Eidy is Motown Mafia’s “Consiglieri”, an attorney and deputy sheriff in his non-racing life, Sam has been a long time racer. Having started in SCCA road racing, Sam has been involved in many aspects of motorsport racing. Sam has crewed with the Famous “Wood Brothers” at Daytona and A.J. at Indy when he was an engineer at Ford Motor Company. Having driven many drag racing cars from his first A//MP Corvette to a supercharged AA/Altered to the old Maskin and Kanners AMC Hornet, Sam credits his drag racing and engine knowledge to being the student of the best kept secret in engine building, the master of the Big Block Chevrolet, and former Pro-Stock  Driver/Owner, Chuck “Tire Town Rat” Wright, a man who Sam says has incomparable talent and integrity.


philPhil Giacona

One of the Motown Mafia’s calming personalities, Phast Philly, as he is known brings an even demeanor to the often stressful environment of professional racing. Blessed with kindness of heart and a great deal of patience, Phast Philly also brings years of racing experience with him, including having raced a Willy’s gasser in his younger days. Running one of the baddest Hemi Roadrunners around, Phast Philly still keeps his foot to the metal. Now, when not keeping Denny in line, Philly keeps the team and crew on track. Philly is definitely the heart of the team or “Il Cuore”.


bobBullet Bob Pacitto

Unsurpassed by anyone on the team for seat time in a race car, Bullet Bob has the most seat time in a race car, and definitely in the most diversity of cars. Having driven for some of the most renowned names in drag racing, such as the Logghe Brothers, Poncho Rendon and the legendary Connie “The Bounty Hunter” Kaliita, Bob has seat time in everything from Nitro slingshots to fuel burning floppers. Now shoeing the Motown Mafia N/TF car, Bob brings unique experience to go along with a multitude of talent, Bob also bring one other aspect to the team, one of the most unique and unforgettable voices in the world. If it really was the Mafia, Bullet Bob would be the “Enforcer,” or “Il Garante”.



nancyNancy Bolt

Nancy “Hotrod Hundley” Bolt, the organizer of the team, and the one person who makes sure all the cogs fall in place so the team can actually do its thing at the drag strip. Nancy is a long time performance enthusiast, who has the unenviable task of having to listen to the rest of the team kick tires and bench race when not really doing it. Can you say too much testosterone? Nanu, as she is known by. makes all the non-racing and support functions happen. She is truly the team’s “La Organizzatore”.

wallyWalter Bolt

Wally “Wing Nut” Bolt is the person who picks up the slack on all the team functions and makes everything look stellar. Wally is a master of everything he does, be it mechanical, electrical, or laying down a show quality paint finish. Wally’s talents are many, and cannot be set forth in this small space. A long time street racer with stories of his young days that deserve to be a television sit-com, Wally brings knowledge and a talent to the team that would normally require three or four members. Wally is the team’s painter or “Il Pittore”.


tinyRichard "Tiny" Mitchell

Tiny's bio coming soon!